Not only a great way to improve your match play, but also to socialize and meet new players, the Ladders at TCH will keep your competitive edge sharp throughout the indoor and outdoor seasons.

COST $25


Open Singles - A Ladder - ( NTRP 3.5-5.0)
Open Singles - B Ladder - (NTRP 2.0-3.0)




  • You can challenge 5 spots ahead of you

  • you can issue 2 challenge(s) at a time

  • each player receives one wildcard at the beginning of the season, which can be used to challenge anyone on the ladder. After playing 5 challenge matches, players receive an additional wildcard

  • if you are challenged, you have two days to either “accept” or “deny” challenge. Failure to do so will result in a “forfeit,” and the challenger will be granted the win.

  • you have 10 days upon accepting a challenge to play the match. If challenge is not played within 10 days, the challenge will expire. If you know you cannot play within 10 days, do not accept the challenge.

  • if you challenge and win, you will take their spot on the ladder, and they will be bumped down 1 spot


  • TCH Ladder players must play challenge matches at the Tennis Club of Hastings

  • players can agree to play any match format (i.e, 8 game pro-set, 2 out of 3 sets).

  • matches are finished when the court-time ends. If match is not finished at the end of scheduled court-time, players will add up total games won to find the winner.