It is crucial that young tennis players receive personalized and foundational coaching as they develop in the sport. Our curriculum at Tennis Club of Hastings–a combination of well-crafted progressions and stimulating exercises–has been designed by USPTA, PTR, and former touring professionals. Our methodical approach, coupled with our passionate and personable team, ensures that every child learns the fundamentals and more in an encouraging, nurturing, and fun environment.



September 16 - January 11

January 20 - May 9th

Red Ball
K - 1st Grade

Our red ball class is designed to provide a motivating and rewarding introduction into this lifetime sport. Through a well-crafted series of progressions and games, players will learn the fundamental strokes, including the overhand serve. Hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and movement skills are honed as it relates to tennis, but also, overall athletic literacy. Peer cooperation exercises progress into elements of healthy competition, introducing the concepts of “winning” and “losing.” 


Orange Ball
2nd - 3rd Grade

Played on the 60 foot court, our orange ball class aims to build and solidify sound mechanics, stances, and movement patterns as players increase their growing physical capabilities. With an emphasis on tracking, racquet head awareness, and swing control, players will increase accuracy and timing through various technical progressions, fun games, and peer cooperation. Exciting and healthy competition will be reinforced as players will be introduced to basic elements of strategy. 


Green Ball
4th - 5th Grade

Played on the full size court, our green ball class is designed to reinforce and solidify a strong fundamental base as players will soon transition to the yellow ball. Forehand, backhand, volley, and serve technique is honed through various progressions and games that stimulate muscle memory. Overall awareness is emphasized as it relates to relaxation, tracking, contact, balance, and intention. Here, anticipation and strategic awareness skills grow as players begin to form their own playing style. 


Yellow Ball
6th - 7th Grade

Our yellow ball class continues to reinforce the fundamental building blocks of sound technique, effective spacing, and movement to the ball. Through progressions, repetition, and fun games, players will develop the muscle memory necessary to develop their tennis skills.  As players grow stronger and the game becomes more physically demanding, players in Yellow Ball will also increase their stamina and endurance throughout this action-packed one hour class. 


6th - 9th Grade

Our junior development program is designed for the intermediate to moderately advanced player who perhaps has ambition to play competitively in school, club teams, and/or tournaments. Here, players have acquired a solid technical base and can sustain a rally with a hitting partner. From the technical, physical, and mental, every aspect of the game is developed in a fun and engaging environment.


9th - 12th Grade

Our next generation program is designed for the moderately advanced to advanced player who is playing high-school tennis and/or has ambition beyond. Like our junior development program, every aspect of the game is analyzed and developed, with an increased focus on advanced technique, patterns of play, physical fitness, and mental toughness.